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Looking for something to do this summer?

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This was forwarded to me from a friend-
with Nate Larson

The element of chance is often an intrinsic—and exciting—part of the creative process, and this workshop will use a series of “chance encounters” as a means to “find,” explore, and develop visual narratives. The week will begin with short, generative writing exercises, after which participants will embark on individual explorations that help to elicit and investigate the role of the chance event as inspiration for studio work. These inspirations might stem from an overheard conversation, a found object, a newspaper clipping, an unexpected occurrence, a sudden realization, or an accidental discovery. According to the instructor, the introduction of an uncontrolled element—such as the overhead conversation, for example—often leads to intuitive connections between seemingly unrelated things, and ultimately, helps to shed light on the way we construct meaning in our daily lives—no small thing for an artist. In the studio, participants will use various combinations of text, photographs, drawings, diagrams, and simple book structures, to respond—as storytellers—to the ideas, themes, and connections elicited by their chance encounters. This work will be enriched by readings, video screenings, audio/listening experiences, discussions, peer critiques, and individual attention from the instructor. Over the course of the week, participants will complete three artists’ book mock-ups and one larger project that explores, visually, their individual chance encounters.

The workshop description is below and registration information is here:

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Art Crawl Day 2…

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Started the day with a fabulous breakfast at Jay’s Cafe in St Paul MN…and from there went to the Craftstravaganza and from there spent 6 hours observing thinking about and wandering around ART. The MN History Museum… Northern Warehouse… the Tilstner…. ^ the Jax Building… and a bit of the Rossmor…. ended the day with the perfect felting encounter for my artistic partner in crime. We created for several hours on a full belly of Thai Food from Sawadee. Here is a photo from the beginning of the day…at Jay’s Cafe

Art needs Art

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Of course there is an argument for everything, but it seems to me that Poets need painters and painters need musicians and musicians need… well the cycle goes on. Art feeds from Art… no more needed to be said…

Jason’s New Song #1


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This is a small 8 x 10″ study in oil of two of my rather large collection of umbrellas. Two vintage umbrellas with a lot of character. On a rainy night like tonight I check out everyones umbrellas as I walk. I like to think about who may have carried around these two umbrellas and where they went with them.

St Paul Art Crawl

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Tonight is the St Paul Spring Art Crawl – this crawl I have been touring studios – saw the Fire Dancers in the rain outside of the Black Dog Cafe, and took in 3 floors of the Northern Warehouse Cooperative including studios of Kari A Klocke, Lee Salminen, Kristin Schue, Richard Abraham,Teresa Cox and many others including a video piece and interactive “build your own celebrity” overhead projector piece on the top floor (artist name was Chad). Craftstravaganza is tomorrow, plan to start the day there and then continue to crawl.

Outside the Black Dog Cafe & Northern Warehouse Artist Coop, St Paul MN