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In Progress

Posted on June 24, 2008 by - Dana's Work

Two small paintings I worked on this evening after thinking about last Sunday Evening driving from Marshfield WI to St Paul MN.

They are both 8″ x 8″ and acrylic on canvas & $90 each, unframed but with wires for hanging on the back & edges painted black.

In Progress WI Field

In Progress, WI Sunset

Fall Art Crawl in St Paul

Posted on June 12, 2008 by - Dana's Work, Uncategorized

I am beginning to prepare for the St Paul Lowertown Fall Art Crawl! There will be more details posted up on this blog as it grows closer to the actual dates, but mark your calendar in advance for the Fall 2008 Crawl:

Friday October 10, 6-10 pm

Sat October 11, 2-10 pm

Sun October 12, noon-5 pm

(the above photo was taken in lowertown during the last Art Crawl, walking from the Black Dog Cafe)

Bringing Art to Light

Posted on June 10, 2008 by - Dana's Work

Today I had a conversation about a public art project I was involved with in the fall of 2003 called “Bringing Art to Light”. There was a small group of artists involved in Eau Claire WI with this project that became a small grant through the University of WI – Eau Claire. A collaboration of minds from the Theater department and Art and photo department.

The basis of the project was gaining city approval to project images on the downtown buildings during one month. These images were collected from around the world, as discovered images of street art on public city walls. We brought some of these images in a temporary way to the city of Eau Claire and they were on view during certain evening hours. There was a great deal of problem solving involved in pulling off this project and although many people saw the final product, most did not see the months of phone calls & letters to gain approval and the hours of thought put in with our collaborators in the technical lighting department to figure out how to project at different angles and have the final image viewed correctly.

The best part of the project in my memory was seeing people, and many families, out in Eau Claire in the evening walking around with the small maps we printed and like a treasure hunt, looking at downtown Eau Claire in a new light. Here are some of the images from the display, enjoy-

( all photographs in this post by Jay Gould & Tim Syth)