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Waverly from North Bridge

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Waverly from North Bridge, Acrylic on Canvas 2009

I haven’t formally introduced the completed painting above.  I had previously posted in progress shots.   If you happened to be at the Art Crawl you may have seen it in person in the Atrium.  The majority of paintings I was showing were of St Paul MN, and a few of Central Wisconsin.  This particular piece, one of the largest pieces I’ve completed depicts wandering arcross North Bridge in Edinburgh looking out of the sea or glass that is Waverly Station.   According to a little Internet Research, the station opened on the 17 May 1847.  It is situated between the Old town and the New town in the valley below the Edinburgh Castle, and several Cathedral Steeples.


Atrium, depicting painting by Dana M Johnson (Center).  Photos on right wall by Gina Dabrowski

Detail of Waverly Station…

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I’m almost done.  Here are some detail images of the large canvas looking over Waverly Station that I posted in progress last week.  Yep, it will be finished tomorrow and hanging in the atrium this weekend, and I’ll post up a full view preview on Friday along with a preview of everything in its right place on the wall in the studio-

waverly_detail_glass waverly_detail_hill waverly_detail_leftwindows

Saturday Afternoon

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Heading out to the Southern Theater this evening (with my sketch book!)  for the performance Passage of Dreams, there is a video preview:  Here.

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